This is a two volume edition documenting a photographic project directed by Veronique Bourgoin. The first volume feqtures contributions from artist photographers selected by Roberto Ohrt, accompanied by an essay by Frank Horstmann on the earliest signs of culture and art in prehistory. The cover of the first volume is illustrated with an object created by Lutz Krüger. The second volume, with a cover photograph by Charlet Kugel and Jean-Louis Leibovitch, includes an introduction by Juli Susin titled “A Pearl in the Snow” presenting the works of photographers from Atelier Reflexe and Schule für Kunstleriche Photographie. Printed on Rema Print presses in Vienna in 1000 copies. Format : 21x27cm.

Directed by Veronique Bourgoin with Roberto Ohrt and Juli Susin. Design by Frank Lutz, Support Agentur, Berlin. Published by Fotohof (Salzburg) & Silverbridge (Royal Book Lodge), Montreuil - 2004.